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Daniel Breeze Makes M.I.D.E

March 2022 – We are delighted to share that Liberty Industrial’s UK-based Demolition & Decommissioning Operations Manager Daniel Breeze, has achieved full membership to the Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE) – a milestone professional achievement that was recognised at an award ceremony in Leeds this past month.

Now recognised as a M.I.D.E, Daniel has worked consistently over the past 4 years to demonstrate a depth of knowledge and experience within the demolition industry; passing an array of professional examinations including submission of a portfolio of work, alongside Daniel’s 10 plus years of industry experience.

Want to know more? Here’s the 5×5 with Daniel Breeze – Five Questions in Five Minutes.

1. What were your objectives to becoming a Full Member of the IDE?

For me, it was a vital step in my career, becoming formally recognised in a profession I love.

2. What does becoming a M.I.D.E mean for you professionally?

The IDE brings together the best in our industry and it strives to share important lessons learned. Becoming a member introduces me to that wealth of knowledge.

Mick Williams, one of the UK’s best-known and most-respected explosive engineers once quoted to me “every day is a school day” and I couldn’t agree more! I was very grateful to work alongside Mick for two years designing methodologies for some amazing blowdowns, however, I know that no matter what you learn on one project, the next project will always present new, and greater, challenges. It’s about being as prepared as possible, coupled with an unwavering commitment to ensure every project is bound by best practice engineering and executed safely.

3. Tell us more, what inspired your love for the Demolition and Decommissioning profession? What do you love most about it?

As a kid, I watched the demolition of the Blyth Power Station (North East England) and thought it was amazing! I distinctly remember thinking that was what I wanted to do when I got older.

What do I love the most? It’s everything… the planning, designing and removal execution of large complex structures.

After my first blowdown, I was hooked.

4. Do you have advice for the next generation of demolition/decommissioning professionals?

In terms of becoming a M.I.D.E… Set yourself a goal and be consistent with your professional development – work out your ‘why’ and how you want to achieve it. Keeping records is important, as everything you do in the industry should be aligned with, and in active pursuit of that goal.

5. What’s next for Daniel Breeze?

I am eager to continue my progression in the industry and work on some of the world’s most complex projects. As part of that, I hope to complete my Master’s degree in Decommissioning in the near future too.

I am looking forward to sharing my professional experience(s) with the IDE, particularly as I embark on some exciting international projects at Liberty Industrial.

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