A mechanically induced collapse of a structure involves a carefully designed and calculated sequence of structural pre-weakening followed by the application of sufficient force to induce a controlled collapse. The sequencing may include the pulling out of structural columns until the collapse is initiated or connecting high-capacity steel pull ropes to the pre-weakened structure and generating enough horizontal force to enable the structure to rotate and collapse onto itself. 

Liberty Industrial has considerable experience executing the mechanically induced demolition of large industrial structures and infrastructure such as power station turbine halls, refinery infrastructure, coal bins, conveyors, steel chimney stacks, wind turbines and communications towers. 

Liberty Industrial’s personally owned and operated fleet of large demolition excavators including the 260-tonne machine in combination with our 120-tonne, 70-tonne and 48-tonne excavators are ideal for carrying out mechanically induced collapses. Often the horizontal force required to be generated to commence rotation and collapse is significant and not easily achieved through using conventionally sized demolition excavators.  

Our experience Demolition Engineers prepare engineered methods before undertaking any preparatory works with third-party checks and sign off on methods and sequencing before the commencement of weakening works. We also can model and simulate (3D Video) induced collapse demolition scenarios before execution using Applied Science International (ASI) Extreme Loading for Structures software. 

Liberty Industrial is also licenced and qualified to carry out induced collapse using explosive demolition techniques. Often an engineered collapse requires a considerable number of structural elements to be removed simultaneously. In this instance or when horizontal pull forces are too large to be generated by machines, Liberty Industrial employs explosive techniques that are developed, engineered, and implemented through our in-house team of highly experienced practitioners.