Through investment in world-class resources such as Liberty Industrial’s state-of-the-art – owned and operated – fleet of plant and equipment, Liberty Industrial can safely and efficiently deliver even the most technically challenging demolition and remediation projects. 

Liberty Industrial has added several custom-built High Reach Demolition Excavators including two custom-built Kocurek modified Hitachi Ex1200 High Reach Demolition Excavators weighing in at 200 tonnes, equipped with a range of working heights and attachment sizes. With a four-stage heavy demolition configuration that reaches 36-metres with a 7-tonne attachment, a three-stage configuration to reach 30-metres with a 13-tonne attachment and a 20-metre two-piece configuration with a 25-tonne attachment making it one of the world’s most versatile demolition excavators. 

A second Hitachi Ex1200, already within Liberty Industrial’s fleet of demolition excavators has been modified to carry a 10-tonne attachment at 20-metres reach. Two new 48-tonne Volvo EC480 Excavators have been fitted with three-stage high reach booms that can be configured to reach 24 or 26-metres. 

Liberty Industrial also own one of the largest custom-built demolition excavators, the 230t Liebherr 994 with 32t Genesis GXT2555R shear, the largest excavator mounted shear in the world with a combined gross weight of 260-metric tonne. The shear itself is a massive 7.85 metres in length and 2.9 metres tall. It has a jaw opening of 1.4 metres and a depth of 1.4 metres. 

With a cutting force of more than 3000 metric tonnes, the custom made GXT 2555R attachment will mechanically shear large heavy steel structures with ease and can cut through a 48-inch steel I-beam in a single bite.  

To complement our large excavator fleets are a range of robust 120-tonne and 70-tonne machines and a fleet of 46-tonne excavators, complete with a range of versatile shear, grapple, hammer, pulveriser, grapple, ripper, bucket, and magnet attachments, making light work of any demolition, waste handling or scrap processing task. 

Our civil contracting division is equipped with an assortment of complementary plant and equipment including 40-tonne dump trucks, b-double semi tippers, boom lifts, telehandlers, water carts, fuel trucks and service vehicles at their disposal. 

Managing our plant and equipment in-house allows us to deploy rapidly to the project site to meet the program and avoid long lead times. It also means we can offer a wide range of demolition and remediation techniques at competitive rates and several benefits that can be attributed to overall site safety.  

Our plant operators have experienced professionals with the credentials and industry experience to deliver projects in a safe, professional, and efficient manner. Our range of state-of-the-art plant and equipment and professional staff can be mobilised across the world, even in some of the most remote locations.