Asset Decommissioning & Recycling

Liberty Industrial’s UK team bring lessons learned from challenging and complex oil and gas decommissioning projects recently carried out in the North Sea. They are also accustomed to partnering with experienced waste management specialists that have a vast knowledge of the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS) offshore and onshore decommissioning projects.

Liberty Industrial can offer offshore decommissioning support following the principles of designing for the end-user in mind. This approach is a step-by-step deep-dive into standard offshore operating processes which are guided by the objective to do only what is required offshore, to allow for the asset to be delivered to an onshore disposal yard. Once topsides and substructures are transported onshore, Liberty Industrial can safely and sustainably dismantle, demolish, recycle, and dispose of the components. This approach is risk assessment based, and assists to reduce the potential risks of working offshore, as well as reducing overall costs and moving towards a net-zero decommissioning process.

Liberty Industrial has a globally reputable onshore dismantling and demolition capability. Our UK team has experience in not only managing an onshore disposal facility but also undertaking numerous studies on the feasibility of decommissioning yards and compliance audits.

Due to the nature of oil and gas production, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and Low Specific Activity (LSA) scale are common contaminants encountered during decommissioning. Liberty Industrial hold the relevant licences and have established controls, mitigations, handling, and disposal methods to manage and dispose of such wastes.

Strategic Partnership

Liberty Industrial has established a strategic alliance to meet the specific needs of the offshore oil and gas asset decommissioning market. This alliance is a collaboration between Linch-Pin, TWS (Technical Waste Services) and OMSB (Onslow Marine Supply Base).

Together we provide cost-effective, safe, sustainable, and fit-for-purpose solutions for the decommissioning and removal of offshore oil and gas assets in the UKCS region.

Our alliance partners include an offshore management services company, a specialist waste management consultancy with vast offshore decommissioning project experience and a port infrastructure and management partner. Combining our expertise, capabilities and assets allows us to offer an end-to-end service focused on operational efficiencies and risk reduction. This includes:

  • Offshore Project Management Services
  • Topside and Jacket Removal
  • Lifting and Marine Logistics
  • Onshore Dismantling, Removal, and Recycling
  • Management of NORMS and other Hazardous Materials
  • Suitably Equipped Onshore Decommissioning Facilities

Through learnings from global decommissioning projects, the alliance has adopted and adapted practices best suited for the oil and gas industries unique set of challenges.